Honda CBR600F1 (87-96) Electrical Wiring Diagram

Honda CBR600F1 (87-96) Electrical Wiring DiagramThis electrical wiring diagram manual applies for Honda CBR600F1 (87-90) models. On 600 models the power for complete electrical system is provided by a three-phase alternator mounted on the right side of the crankshaft. It use a brushless field coil type alternator which is mounted on the top left side of the crankcase, behind the cylinder block, and is chain-driven off the crankshaft.
In this manual you will find complete yet brief discussion on Honda CBR600F1 wiring system which includes Alternator Testing, Battery Inspection and Maintenance, Bulb renewal, Charging System, Coolant Temperature Gauge Circuit, Electrical System, Fuel Gauge Circuit, Fuel Pump and Relay, Fuses, Horn, Starter Circuit, Switches, Tachometer, Turn Signal Relay, etc.
Find the complete Electrical Wiring Diagram of Honda CBR600F1 (87-90) here.
You can also download the complete Honda CBR600F1 service manual here.

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